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How You Can Be A Part of Bible Translation
Recently I was reading about the Borona men in Kenya, East Africa.  These men would dig wells by hand that were 20 and sometimes 30 feet deep in rocky dry river beds.  Once the well was dug, a team of men would stand on wooden ladders inside the well to pass up leather okhales filled with water.  The men would sing to celebrate as this life-giving liquid was passed upward. At the top, men would take the water and pour it into a trough for the cattle to quench their thirst.  Although those pouring the water in the trough saw the results, it was a team effort.
Likewise, we need a team of people like you who are willing to bring the life-giving Word to those who are thirsty.   Would you carry a bucket? 

Would you consider partnering with us in prayer? We need prayer as we face the Spiritual battles that will come our way.  You can be a valuable part of lifting us up to the One who is able to provide.  We will be sending out monthly prayer letters via email.  If you prefer to receive a hard copy through the mail, please let us know.

Would you consider partnering with us through encouragement? We will have days that a letter, email, or phone call will be just what we need.  Yes, we will get fatigued, sick, and discouraged, but you can be the one God uses to encourage us along the way.

Would you consider partnering with us financially?  As faith based missionaries, we rely on the financial gifts given to Wycliffe on our behalf.  Until we have raised our full monthly support AND the funds needed to get there, we are not able to join the work in Papua New Guinea.

Would you consider being an advocate for us?  Do you know someone or a group who is passionate about missions?  Are they wanting to be a part in spreading the News of Christ?  We are looking for opportunities to share our passion for the Bibleless People with individuals and groups. 

Each person that partners with us is having a part of bringing the Bible to those who do not have one.  Partnering with us is easy.  Just go to our individual site at

Does your company offer matching gifts?

We recently heard an exciting story about some of our Wycliffe colleagues who benefited from a corporate matching-gift program. When one of their partners gave $6,000, that partner’s employer matched the gift for a total of $12,000, all in one month! Over fifteen thousand companies across the U.S. regularly match employee contributions to charitable organizations like Wycliffe. Some companies even match volunteer hours or gifts from spouses, retirees, and board members. To see if your employer will match your donation to us, please visit your company’s Web site or contact your company’s HR department. 

If you have questions, visit, send an e-mail to or call 407-852-3899.

If your company does not have a matching-gifts program, you may want to ask them to start one. Please tell your co-workers and encourage them to contribute as well.