Our Part

Our Part in Bible Translation
Tim will be using his skills in computer repair to assist the linguists and other language helpers. He also expects to put his numerous telecom skills to work.  IT Professionals are one of the most critical needs in Wycliffe.  Through the use of computers and modern technology, the process of Bible translation has been greatly accelerated over the last several years.    At one time the translation process for a New Testament took approximately 30 years.  With the use of modern technology and programs that have been developed by Wycliffe, the average translation now takes about 12 years.  

Aiyura Valley- Home to Ukarumpa, which is our future home!
Tara’s most important job will continue to be that of wife and mom.  As she relinquishes the title of “homeschool teacher” when the kids begin school in Papua New Guinea, she has been asked to use her administrative gifts in the personnel office.  We will represent one of 21 different countries serving there in Papua New Guinea.  As part of her job, Tara will be learning the various requirements of visas and work permits and training staff on these requirements.  This includes staying up to date on the different requirements of the various Consulates and Embassies.  As needs arise, she may even have the opportunity to write publication pieces and help keep the website up to date for the Papua New Guinea branch.  This job will enable her to continue to be Tim’s main supporter and Andrew and Rebekah’s number one mom!
 UIS Primary Campus- where the kids will attend school.
Andrew and Rebekah are in for some of the biggest changes.  They have had the opportunity to be in the most prestigious school since birth– The Ellis Institute of Higher Learning.  They will enroll in Ukarumpa International School (UIS) beginning the 2012-2013 school year.  They will have what so many of us here want for our kids– a strong Biblical education, small class sizes, teachers that LOVE what they do– and the added benefit learning first hand about the cultures of families from all over the world.  Many of those 21 countries represented in Papua New Guinea have children at UIS.  They are both very excited about making new friends and experiencing new activities.  So far we have heard about a pony club (as in horses), tubing trips down the river, music classes, a dirt bike track, and ample opportunity to run, hike, and explore!